Friday, September 23, 2016

Re: Introduction mail

Hello all,

It seems Shantha kumar is now not working in Red Hat. Since there is no active contributor for Tamil translation. So can I contribute Fedora translation project without a coordinator? Is it possible?  

Buvanesh Kumar.

On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 12:10 PM, Jean-Baptiste Holcroft <> wrote:
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On 21 September 2016 at 22:16, Buvanesh Kumar < <>> wrote:


    I am Buvanesh Kumar from Bangalore. I am currently working at Red
    Hat India Pvt Ltd as a System Engineering intern. I also
    contribute to Fedora QA team in my spare time. My native language
    is Tamil. I love open source and my mother tongue Tamil,  so I
    often like to contribute towards bridging the gap between
    technology and my native language. When technology gets updated,
    the changes also need to reflect for people using the technology
    in their native languages. I always use Tamil as a primary
    language in my smartphone, computer. I used to write Tamil poems,
    I also gave speeches in Tamil during my school days and won prizes
    for it 🙂. I am glad to contribute to the Fedora translation team.
    I would like to meet and interact with Tamil translators in the
    Fedora translation team.

As far as i know here issue is, we do not have active language coordinator. Its only one man team. [1] but no activity almost from a year.  How do we handle this request??
There is no problem, Buvanesh Kumar should try to reach him and know more about his status. I added him in CC.
Maybe a new contributor will bring back more activity, if he do not wish to coordinate anymore, we have a process.

Short version (thank you Noriko for this sentence) :
"If there is a current coordinator and you will be taking over the role with some reason, the current coordinator must agree and post an announcement of this hand-over to the trans <> mailing list. In case the current coordinator is totally unresponsive, first please contact the administrator."

Full explanation :

Jean-Baptiste Holcroft

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