Thursday, September 15, 2016

Re: IRC SIG needs external oversight

On 15 September 2016 at 14:10, Be <> wrote:
>> Sure, but again the overlap here isn't as high as you might think.
>> People I see on IRC are seldom also active on ask or lists. An ask
>> moderator wouldn't have any idea the irc commands or know when to step
>> in, etc.
> Maybe that's because they have had a bad experience first-hand or have been warned to stay away from IRC. Without the lingering threat of being randomly insulted by an operator, I think more contributors active in other parts of Fedora would step up on IRC.

While there will be cases of that, there is also a very real problem
with the amount of time, the amount of good bandwidth that IRC seems
to require over website and email moderation. I have noticed that a
good many of the ask and list moderators are from countries with low
bandwidth/high latency links. They can work on ask or lists because it
works with the bandwidth they have. Asking them to work on IRC would
be a frustrating task because they are either not in the same working
timezones as irc is heavily used or that it requires a more continuous

In any case, what are people really wanting? What is the solution that
is needed?
Paid for moderators vs volunteers?
Fedora users are picked as a jury to be a moderator for a day?
Better guidance on moderation?
More people volunteering to be moderators?
A truth and reconciliation group?

Can we get this moving forward versus just repeating what we all
know.. Fedora has a lot of unwelcoming places, and people either make
mistakes or just are crappy in general. How do we make those less? Can
we even make it less or is this just going to be a Sisyphean task?
Because it sure feels like it.

Stephen J Smoogen.
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