Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Re: IRC SIG needs external oversight

Right, so if someone is clearly having IRC / network connectivity
issues, perhaps trying to contact them via IRC isn't the best way to go?
Maybe the policy could be updated to have outreach via something
asynchronous like email if their connectivity to IRC is an issue?

It also would make sense as a matter of policy to point them to
resources that could help the with the problem, such as the free
bouncers that nirik mentioned (I was unaware of these myself.)


On 09/13/2016 01:07 PM, Ben Williams wrote:
> a) person bouncing for months
> b) channel members started complaining about his bouncing
> c) channel members tried to discussed with person
> d) person was asked if he wasnt going to be online to please leave that
> channel
> e) person kept bouncing
> f) tried to contact person several times over IRC
> g) banned in Social and left message for person to contact me
> h)notice same bouncing in #fedora-meeiting
> i) banned and left message for person to contact me
> j) person finally contacted me and i removed the bans
> I always try to follow the
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/IRC_operators_code_of_conduct
council-discuss mailing list
Fedora Code of Conduct: http://fedoraproject.org/code-of-conduct

The Fedora Project's mission is to lead the advancement of free and
open source software and content as a collaborative community.

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