Thursday, September 8, 2016

Re: IRC SIG needs external oversight


I was for a reason present in the meeting where this problem should be solved. Well it was on the end just another farce again.

They all showed their sunny side, if you look not to deep.

Why was a Southern_Gentlemen yelling at me I shall file a ticket, if I have a problem? I tell you, because then his collegues like N3LRX or khaytsus will come and say, it was right what he has done and thats it.

And why did they all so well know, that will be about the following ticket: ? This ticket is the best example, how some of the ops acting together to harras users. So why is this ticket existing.

A Mr. Ben Williams aka Southern_Gentlemen feels always disturbed if somebody joins one of his preferred IRC chans, and he really threatens people with ban as fast as he can, if the join several times in a short time. I remember very well as I was threatened this way by him for the first time, I was in Brno for an hackfest and I said that loud, if necessary I still know who has said it to me, that I shall that guy not take serious he would be often such a jerk.

So since a while, I live in a country which counts to the third world. Well in general, I have to say internet is here at least in the capital everywhere, but how reliable it is, depends on the provider so at my home I am enforce to use a very bad provider, so I have very often disconnects, sometimes no internet at all and sometimes so slow that you think there is no internet.
But I still try to contribute to Fedora as good as I can, I accepting that most live on the other side of the world and stay on into the middle of the night, to participate in meetings and do other things.

There is only one problem, Ben Williams doesnt like when you have several disconnects, he will start threaten you and later on he BANS you from #fedora-ambassadors, #fedora-meeting and #fedora-social.

For the last fine, that is his personal kingdom, several people already left this channel because of his dictatorship in it. And so I am staying away there now.

But being banned from the meeting channel or as FAmSCo member from ambassadors is an outrage. So what did I do, I joined the #fedora-council channel and pinged Nirik and asked for an explanation, I told him I dont want to talk with Williams why he has done that but he brought him in. And he was obvious very happy to seeing that now handled in council channel, away from the normal, file a ticket and the other ops will say I am right solution.
So he said there was several people complaining about me, but he could not give me one name who that shall be. Later on he even insulted me in the council channel with saying I would do that intentionally to disconnected. Then he left

But that is not the end, this time there shall be people complaining about me, thats why ticket #191 exists, if you read your logfiles of the council chan a bit, you will find where I telling Nirik to take a look to social, how Ben Williams organizes there that people complain about it.

I would say with showing that kind of behavior he not just violates the CoC of the IRC ops as definitely acts against our foundations.

So therefore I hope that the council takes it more seriously to make the IRC more welcoming

br gnokii
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