Monday, September 19, 2016

Re: IRC SIG needs external oversight

On Mon, 19 Sep 2016 00:32:22 +0200
Brian Exelbierd <> wrote:

> One thing the involvement of these groups brings is new people and new
> energy. Even if these groups only started to be involved as part of a
> weekly issues review we may be able to learn more from the "after
> action reports."
> I also still feel very strongly that we need after action reporting,
> as has been suggested by jflory, amongst others. I believe we should
> be able to figure out what actions have been taken and by whom.

We recently switched out irc bot over to using ChanTracker:
it keeps track of mode changes, but I don't think it has any easy
reporting capability and things can be annotated when it's used.

I guess 'after action' reviews could be helpful, but do we want to call
out people again in public? say there was a 15minute quiet for a user,
do we want to go over that and note the specific user in public logs
and such? I'm good with learning how better to handle things, but wall
of shame I am not sure about.

> I mean, I believe that if a ban, for example, is issues, the
> particulars should be documented somewhere. This way if there is a
> subsequent problem, it isn't a surprise.

Sure. As noted above the bot can keep track of time and (optional)
annotation. That can be used to look in logs.

> > Anyhow, I'm personally not against reorganizing our support setup,
> > but I think we would need to get a bunch of the stakeholders
> > together and come up with some plan/organization to do that.
> Who do you think needs to be in the meeting. Let's act.

Well, I guess it depends on how the council wants to move here.

a) If changes are made via the existing irc support sig, the process
would be to file a ticket on their trac, discuss it at the next
meeting, vote on it the meeting after that.


b) if the council wants to just completely reorg things I suppose they
would want a council ticket with particulars and meet and discuss it
and then take whatever action they wish. Hopefully existing folks in
the irc support sig and other interested parties would participate in
the reorg as they wish.


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