Friday, September 9, 2016

Re: IRC SIG needs external oversight

2016-09-09 10:21 GMT+02:00 Pierre-Yves Chibon <>:
> The #fedora channel is not a friendly place. We point our new-comers to it but I
> honestly would prefer to point them to another place because the welcoming there
> is for the list, harsh, rude and most definitely not family-friendly (which can
> be a problem in some culture).
> There has been other attempts to revise a little the climate on the channel,
> including from known contributors:
> (4 years ago)
> without much success.
> I realize that managing a channel such as #fedora with so many people is a
> though job and cannot be managed as smaller channel, but I wonder if some of the
> OPs aren't a little 'burned out' by this duty and maybe renewing the team or
> part of it would benefit everyone.
> Pierre

That's a good remark, but still require a Root-Cause-Analysis to
prevent that a renewed team burn out too.

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