Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Re: Self Introduction: Rafal Luzynski - Polish

On 2016年09月04日 07:18, Rafal Luzynski wrote:
> Hello,
> I've contacted some of the people around here off-list before
> but I should also follow the procedure: subscribe to this
> mailing list and introduce myself in public and for everyone.
> So, here it goes:
> Name: Rafal Luzynski (full Unicode version: Rafał Lużyński)
> Location: Poland
> Login: rluzynski
> Language: Polish
> Profession: software engineer (developer, coder)
> About You: My primary role is implementing the software applications,
> that means coding in languages like C or Java. I've been
> doing this for 20 or 30 years already, I don't remember exactly.
> I switched to using Linux exclusively in 2000 although I had been
> using it often before. After trying different spins of Debian
> and Red Hat Linux (pre-Fedora) I switched to Fedora Core about 2004.
> You and the Fedora Project: Actually I consider myself as
> a newcomer here. Although I've been writing non-Fedora software
> and using Fedora for a long time my real contribution to the project
> started only recently. I have already joined the Polish
> translation team but thanks to Piotr Drąg's amazing work there
> is probably nothing left to do. But I hope to be able to
> contribute to this group sharing my developer's knowledge
> with all translators and identifying software bugs causing
> translations difficult or impossible.

Hi Rafal,

Thank you for nice intro! pre-Fedora RHL, WOW! The era Red Hat was
selling it in actual box. I still remember that I gave the translation
to that box and labels :-) I am sure that your great knowledge as
developer will benefit us a lot.


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