Thursday, September 8, 2016

Self Introduction: Ferdi Saptanera


Name: Ferdi Saptanera
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Login: ferdisn
Language: Indonesia
Profession or student status: Professional

About You: I completed my degree from Faculty of Computer Science in Universitas Indonesia majoring in Information System. Currently I work as admin for local campus, administer the computer labs for economics and statistics course. I also has some experience in HR and a small amount of enterprise's SDLC.
My other activities are singing in choir and undergo German language course, because I want to pursue master's degree in Germany.

You and the Fedora Project: I am using Fedora as my primary operating system since Fedora 15. I also use CentOS as my server operating system. I want to contribute to Fedora since long ago and I think the easiest way to contribute is by translating Fedora.

GPG Keyid : 405B4ADE
GPG fingerprint: F15E 2367 1521 0212 C3F6 A57E 09FE 71BD 405B 4ADE

Also, at the moment I don't think there's activities within trans-id (my language's L10N list). I'd like to know whether I can do something for my language's translation activity.

Thank you.
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