Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wiki - L10N Maintainer => L10N Coordinator


As agreed in August, I edited wiki pages to reflect the name change from
"L10N Maintainer" to "L10N_Coordinator".

I did minor modification (words and added a new role) to

I did minor modification (words) to

I did major modification

=> I reordered content (first : the role and responsibilities, then
the process)

=> removed outdated stuff and moved it to (in my todo list,
I also have to clean content related to transifex, some will end up
there so we do not destruct every past content)

Please tell me if it looks better, I'm confident it respect how we
works. Do not hesitate to suggest improvements.

About cleaning, a few teams decided to translate L10N content, please
update your links and content :




Please note that translating wiki is very painful, I personally do not
suggest to translate internal team processes.

btw @Italian team, please have a look to this page

Please tell me if it can be deleted or moved to

thank you everyone for your help

Jean-Baptiste Holcroft
trans mailing list

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