Friday, June 9, 2017

[389-devel] Please review: Ticket 49043

Hi everybody,

here is the result of my work on replication conflicts. I would like you
to review and comment. I know that given the complexity of the problem
and the volume of teh patches this is not an easy task - I'm sure there
is need for further clarification and correction, but I think I reached
a state where it handles the most important scenarios and more, and does
not break anything.

First there is the design doc:

unfortunately I failed to convert to markup so far, so it is not yet
available on teh 389 wiki, but it will be soon. If anybody has a problem
with the link please contact me and I'll send a copy.

Next there are two test suites and a script to verify consistency of the
database after running the tests (this consistency check needs to go
into rth etests themselve, started, but not completed):

An then the patches:
A few patches were needed and tracked in other tickets:

and then the conflict patches themselves, they are split into four
patches, owing separate development steps, but final review maybe best
after applying all of them:

and then there is a memeory leak which was already there but exposed by
my changes:


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