Friday, June 2, 2017

[389-users] Re: Need to re-register 389ds servers

Are you even running an admin server?  Probably not since you don't have o=netscaperoot.  You probably just need to do " -u"

Side question: 
Are you trying " -u" because that is what is listed in the release notes?


On 06/02/2017 02:41 PM, wrote:
# -ddd -u    ==============================================================================  The update option will allow you to re-register your servers with the  configuration directory server and update the information about your  servers that the console and admin server uses.  You will need your  configuration directory server admin ID and password to continue.    Continue? [yes]:    ==============================================================================  Please specify the information about your configuration directory  server.  The following information is required:  - host (fully qualified), port (non-secure or secure), suffix,    protocol (ldap or ldaps) - this information should be provided in the    form of an LDAP url e.g. for non-secure  ldap://    or for secure  ldaps://  - admin ID and password  - admin domain  - a CA certificate file may be required if you choose to use ldaps and    security has not yet been configured - the file must be in PEM/ASCII    format - specify the absolute path and filename    Configuration directory server URL [ldap://]:  Configuration directory server admin ID [uid=admin,ou=Administrators,ou=TopologyManagement,o=NetscapeRoot]:  Configuration directory server admin password:  Configuration directory server admin domain []:  +++Attempting connection to certdir  configdir /etc/dirsrv  Could not authenticate as user 'uid=admin,ou=Administrators,ou=TopologyManagement,o=NetscapeRoot' to server 'ldap://'.  Error: Operations error    Please try again, in case you mis-typed something.    Configuration directory server URL [ldap://]:        So from this info and the earlier posted info, NetscapeRoot does not exist on this server.  _______________________________________________  389-users mailing list --  To unsubscribe send an email to  

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