Sunday, June 4, 2017

[389-users] Re: Replication strategy

On Fri, 2017-06-02 at 10:36 -0300, Alberto Viana wrote:
> William,
> I do nothing hehehehe, what I mean that I just ignore the errors :)
> Here's my agreement:

> nsds7WindowsReplicaSubtree: dc=my,dc=domain
> nsds7DirectoryReplicaSubtree: dc=my,dc=domain

You could make multiple agreements that sync the Ou's only that you want
rather than the full tree sync. That's one option.

Reading the docs, it looks like it's because the external ou has users
in, and it's part of this subtree, so I think you can't avoid it I'm
sorry. There doesn't seem to be an exclude filter or include filter, so
I think there is not an easy solution here.

Another option might be to break external ou to a seperate backend as a
subsuffix, because I *think* replication only operates on a single
backend (not across it), but mreynolds may know the correct answer to

Sorry I can't help more :(


William Brown
Software Engineer
Red Hat, Australia/Brisbane

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