Thursday, September 6, 2018

[389-devel] Please review: 49428 and 59569

This is a more complex review:

It appears to have 4 commits - it's only 2. Please see my other two
reviews (ldapi, thread local) that are needed for this to work.

This combines two issues in one. One is the cleanup for operation
struct reuse, the second is nunc-stans integration being corrected.

This fixes the IO event model so that one connection is one NS job -
this fixes all arming, rearming, races and locking issues.

Additionally, it makes workers part of NS as well - rather than polling
over the connection table.

In the past Viktor has reviewed this and found an issue with IPA - I
have fixed this (related to an incorrect check of thread activity with
password policies).

I'm about to "self review" this as there is some commented out code
still for cleaning, but I wanted the code "in git" so that it's not
lost - and we can start thinking/talking about it. I'll be finishing
the clean up tomorrow morning.



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