Saturday, March 27, 2021

New fedora project website

Dear translators,

as communicated on Fedora Devel[0], the localization change for Fedora
34 [1] is available in staging:

The goal: "Provide a public website for end users and contributors,
containing Fedora
Workstation translation progress and useful files for translators (as an
translation memories)."

What we were able to process:
2 223 packages,
200 638 translation files containing 25 015 189 words to translate (for
each language),
341 languages.

And we have more!
* darknao were able to process old fedora release, the oldest one we
successfully computed
was Fedora 7 <3 You'll see this in production.
* we'll have access statistics:
(all local based on log, no ip address, no sharing with any third

Help needed:
* UI is to be rewritten
* javascript table sorting is broken

Now we have to discuss what comes next, I really think this tooling can
help us to better
understand and support the global open source translators community.

Have a nice day,

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