Sunday, April 11, 2021

[Test-Announce] Grub and Shim Test Day, 2021-04-12


Grub and Shim Test Day starts today

Special call out: No installation required! If you have (U)EFI x86_64
hardware, with or without Secure Boot, please create install media
using one of the provided special test ISOs, and boot your system.
Please test all makes/models you happen to have available. We're not
anticipating shim bugs, but firmware peculiarities that shim might
have to work around.

If you have Fedora 33/34 installed, with updates-testing repo enabled,
you likely already have shim-15.4-3. In which case ... it works!
Please report your test results here ->

BIOS firmware and additional architectures are covered in the test
day, see the page for details.

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