Wednesday, May 26, 2021

[389-users] Re: Monthly internal scheduled task failure resulting in segfault

HI Nelsen,

I'm working on a db compaction improvement.,  Now DB compaction occurs every 30 days, and I found a bug if you don't have replication set up then the server crashes when trying to compact a changelog (that does not exist).  This only happens on 389-ds-base-1.4.3, or newer, and only if you don't have replication set up.  Can you confirm if you are using replication on this server?


On 5/26/21 1:42 AM, Nelson Bartley wrote:
Good day,    I previously messaged about this issue, but didn't have a core dump to provide.    Almost exactly 1 month, to the minute, a scheduled task starts in our  389-ds which results in a seg-fault.    We are currently using Fedora 33, 389 packages This  bug also occurred with an earlier package set as well (I do not  remember the version, same FC33). We have experienced this exact  segault now three times on schedule.    I have attached to the email the cockpit information from the crash.    You can get the coredump from this link:    I was hoping it was possible to identify what scheduled service is  crashing, and if possible how to disable it temporarily until the  actual cause of the crash can be fixed in an updated binary?    Nelson  

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