Thursday, May 27, 2021

[fedora-arm] Fedora 34 on Pinebook Pro


I want to do a fresh installation and encrypt the installation. So I
boot the Pinebook Pro with Fedora-Everything-netinst-aarch64-34-1.2.iso.
The boot process runs fine but stopped with

Starting installer, one moment...
anaconda 34.24.9-1.fc34 for Fedora 34 started.
* installation log files are stored in /tmp during the installation
* shell is available on TTY2
* when reporting a bug add logs from /tmp as separate text/plain

[anaconda]1:main* 2:shell 3:log 4:storage-log >Switch tab: Alt+Tab |
Help: F1

I've waiting for more than a half our but nothing was shown on the display.
How do proceed ?

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