Thursday, July 8, 2021

[389-users] Re: Cockpit and 389

I was pointed at EPEL8. It appears that the packages are being uploaded
to all the mirrors as el8.

Can the RHEL9 versions be built into epel/9 instead ?

Thanks so much for your help, downgrading helped.


On 7/7/21 2:57 PM, Mark Reynolds wrote:
> On 7/7/21 5:18 PM, Gary Waters wrote:
>> Hello Everyone,
>> I have been having trouble with Cockpit and 389 since I upgraded to
>> 389-ds-base to 1.4.X from 1.3.X.
>> I was initially having trouble with rendering the replication page
>> but I have determined that the monitoring page is not rendering as
>> well. (or maybe I am not waiting log enough, I waited 15 minutes).
>> Has anyone had any luck on making this work again ?
>> Ctrl-Shift-J had errors about some CSP stuff, but I allowed
>> everything from the url via Chrome and Brave Browser settings, so now
>> the only error (apparently a big one for both pages) is
>> index.js:117 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of
>> undefined
>>     at Function.<anonymous> (index.js:117)
>>     at cockpit.js:1
>>     at cockpit.js:1
>>     at A (cockpit.js:1)
>> I tried upgrading to the latest cockpit 389 plugin but it still
>> doesnt work.
>> Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.4 (Ootpa)
>> 4.18.0-305.7.1.el8_4.x86_64
>> 389-ds-base-libs-
>> 389-ds-base-
>> cockpit-389-ds-2.0.4-2.module_el8+12009+23f3e50a.noarch
>> python3-lib389-
> This is definitely not supported.  Not even sure how you even got
> 2.0.4 for RHEL 8 (since that is the RHEL 9 version).  Anyway you can
> NOT run different versions of 389-ds-base, python-lib389 and
> cockpit-389-ds.   They are very tightly interconnected.  The UI uses
> lib389 to perform all its operations, and lib389 is vastly different
> in 2.0.4 verses 1.4.3.  Yes some of it might work, but most of it
> probably won't.
> If these were the same version, then I can still not explain this
> behavior, and it is not a known issue.  Is your browser/client far
> away from the server hosting the server/cockpit?  Over a WAN?  For me
> the entire UI loads in 10-15 seconds (and each tab only takes a few
> seconds to load), but I am not going over a WAN to connect to it.
> If you get all the components to the same version then I'd be
> interested in seeing the console log from the chrome browser (we do
> not test Brave), just Firefox and Chrome.   Make sure the console
> logging (F12) is including the timestamp, then try and capture these
> "rendering issues" and send us the logging please. The UI logs all
> lib389/CLI commands it uses to gather the UI data, so we should see
> what commands are run when things are not working.  You can even copy
> and paste those exact commands (dsconf ...) from the console logging
> on the server machine and you can test if they respond quickly when
> run locally.
> But...  The  UI is a single page web page app that is a Cockpit
> plugin.  There is much performance improvements we can make to it on
> the DS side of things.  Now the UI that ships with 1.4.3 "should" be
> minimized (aka production ready).  Can you send the "ls" output of: 
> /usr/share/cockpit/389-console/  There is a slim chance you have a
> non-production version of the UI since you are on a older version of
> 1.4.3 (the latest for RHEL 8 is or higher).  So upgrading to
> the latest 1.4.3 version is another option you should look into.
> Otherwise I suspect there is a network issue at play, and the console
> logging (F12) might help figure out what the UI is doing while there
> are these rendering issues.
> Again don't gather any on this information until all the 389
> components are at the same version.
> Thanks,
> Mark
>> Thanks,
>> Gary
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