Thursday, July 15, 2021

[389-users] Re: memberOf Plugin report inconsistent states

On 7/15/21 2:56 PM, Tobias Ernstberger wrote:

it is well known and documented, that the memberOf attribute can have inconsistent states (e.g. by manipulating it directly).
There is also a Fix-Up Task to repair that.

Question: Is there also a way to report/list all current inconsistent states, that the Fix-Up Task might repair?

No it does not check if there are differences between old/new memberof values. It just replace the old valueset with the new one.

Motivation for that is to evaluate the impact of the Fix-Up Task to reduce/manage operational risks.
Possible action might be to evaluate manually for all reported issues if they need to be cleaned up in the memberOf attribute, or added as regular group membership to the group 

Do you mean you would like an option to run the fixup task  to report invalid memberof setting but without doing any update ? Then later do the manual fixup ?
yes, exactly. I would consider such an option to be a valuable enhancement. Maybe that's something the plugin-developers might want to put on their todo list for the plugin. I assume that it's implementation might be similar to the fix-up task, just calculate the new value and instead of replacing it, it needs to be compared and reported.  
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