Wednesday, July 28, 2021

[fedora-arm] Re: RPi4 Workstation edition - Dsplay goes to sleep -logged or unlogged- and won't wake up!

> >> I have the same problem on Pinebook (not the pro). I'm not sure
> >> what module is the problem.
> >>
> >> It used to work on f32. Similar problems on older Intel laptops since
> >> upgrading to f34 as well, so maybe something about systemd or Xorg
> >> server (not the drivers)?
> >
> > It's extremely unlikely to be the same problem. These problems tend to
> > be HW/driver specific and and even be affected by the model of screen
> > and the quirks of it's EDID and other such things.
> You are right. On the Intel laptops, killing Xorg (from a remote
> login) resolves the problem. On Pinebook, Xorg restarts, but the
> screen is still black. So clearly they are different problems.

I would have thought on the Penbook (traditional or Pro) they would be
using Wayland so I would be surprised if there was a Xorg process even
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