Thursday, July 15, 2021

Re: Localization at Nest?

On Wed, Jul 14, 2021 at 5:01 AM Jean-Baptiste <> wrote:
Dear translators,

did someone submit a talk for Nest regarding localization?

Marie Nordin and Ben Cotton told me it would be great to have simple
talks explaining how to contribute translation.

If someone is willing to present something like this, it would be great!

Two subjects suggestions:

* Fedora websites & documentation translation -> I think Indonesian
translators would be great representative here!

What's so special about Indonesian translation/translators? :D

* Fedora friends projects (pulseaudio, iputils, etc.) -> yuri, raphael
or others may be ok to explain how it works?

Context: you are talking to newcomers in the localization world. Focus
on the process and how to test/interact : what you really do and how it
reaches end users.

"I want to translate XYZ because it's a great software, how can I do?
Example with Pulseaudio"

No explanation about how it work internally is needed, only on how to
find where translations are done and how to do the job.

I can provide support if needed.

Have a nice day,


Andika Triwidada 

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