Thursday, August 12, 2021

[389-users] How to replicate password lockout attributes from a consumer or hub to a master(s)


I've taken over a large 389-ds environment running on Oracle Linux 8 and the first task I need to complete is to enable password lockouts.

I was able to enable password lockouts successfully however it only works if the client is pointed directly to a master. The account locks out and the attributes are propagated down to the hubs and consumers.

If the client is pointed to a read-only hub or consumer then the account does not lockout and the password attributes do not propagate back to the masters.

passwordIsGlobalPolicy: on is set on all masters, hubs and consumers

Password policy attributes I expect to replicate:


I've tried following the chaining guide below which I think is what I need to do to get this work as expected, however I've hit a snag.

The document states the backend must be added to the hub or consumer, however when I try and add the following LDIF to the hub I get the "unwilling to perform" error.

This makes sense because the hub is read-only so I'm confused as how I can update the config on a read-only hub or consumer?

dn: cn=chainlab,cn=chaining database,cn=plugins,cn=config
objectclass: top
objectclass: extensibleObject
objectclass: nsBackendInstance
cn: chainlab
nsslapd-suffix: dc=domain,dc=com
nsfarmserverurl: ldap:// ldap:// ldap://
nsmultiplexorbinddn: uid=repluser,cn=config
nsmultiplexorcredentials: mypassword
nsCheckLocalACI: on

adding new entry "cn=chainlab,cn=chaining database,cn=plugins,cn=config"
ldap_add: Server is unwilling to perform (53)

Hub or Consumer

Step 1 (Hub and Consumer): the chaining backend must be created on the hub and consumer:

dn: cn=chainbe1,cn=chaining database,cn=plugins,cn=config     objectclass: top     objectclass: extensibleObject     objectclass: nsBackendInstance     cn: chainbe1     nsslapd-suffix: <suffix to replicate> nsfarmserverurl: ldap://supplier1:port supplier2:port ... supplierN:port/ # also, ldaps can be used instead                                                                           # of ldap for secure connections -                                                                           # requires the secure port nsmultiplexorbinddn: cn=Replication Manager,cn=config # or whatever the replica bind DN is on the supplier nsmultiplexorcredentials: password     nsCheckLocalACI: on    

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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