Friday, August 20, 2021

[fedora-arm] Issue with F35 armhfp Fedora server image

There is a bug against the Federa Server Edition armhfp installation iso


The F35 build exceeds the current max size of 700 mb (by about 20 mb)

There are obviously 2 options:

(a) reduce the size by removing some packages
(b) Determine a new max size

According to my recent experimentation with aarch64 server iso the arm build is a splendid materialization of the current concept of Fedora Server Edition. Therefore, I'm hesitant to remove packages. I would also have no idea which ones could be dispensable. Therefore, from a user/admin perspective, I would opt to set 750 as the new maximum size and proceed with the current build.

Unfortunately, I am not (yet) familiar with the ARM architecture and have no idea what technical or practical problems or side effects might arise from that.

Therefore I would like to ask the Arm experts here for a recommendation on how to proceed.

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