Tuesday, August 10, 2021

[fedora-arm] Re: f34 support for odroid N2+ (Amlogic S922X)

On 12/22/20 3:26 PM, Peter Robinson wrote:
> Hi Adrian,
>> Hi! While theoretically should be possible, i would like to hear some
>> confirmation that f33 can work on odroid N2 ...
> I've not seen direct confirmation of Fedora 33 on this device but I
> have had reports of prior releases working in the past so I don't
> forsee any major issues.
>> Moreover, if it can work, all i have to do is to write the image on
>> eMMC, isn't it?
> You will need to setup boot firmware, I don't know how that device
> deals with that.
> The Odroid devices aren't widely tested in Fedora as they are quite
> hostile for distributions outside of their core and generally, not
> sure if this is the case for this device, require special signed
> firmware blobs that we can't redistribute so we can't build and
> distribute the firmware for them like we do with all the devices we
> actively support. For this reason the odroid devices we can't set them
> up automatically, probably not the best device for starting out with
> arm devices TBH.

So, after all this time, now i found some spare time to try again ...
Unfortunately fedora 34 is still no go while manjaro just worked ..

Is there any chance that what they do, can be copied to fedora :D ?

I'm just a user (well, just with some general knowledge) so, without any prior
knowledge i do not know where to look ...
what can i see is that both have the meson-g12b-odroid-n2-plus.dtb but
the manjaro one is much larger...

the problem is that fedora have an config.txt and manjaro have a boot.ini
and i have no idea what is the difference and how should each be used ..

if somebody is interested to guide me i can try things on my odroid
(including cross-compilation of stuff)

Thank you!

>> Disclaimer: it's my first time playing in arm world, so many things are
>> strange to me..
>> Thanks a lot!!
>> Adrian
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