Monday, September 20, 2021

[389-users] Announcing 389 Directory Server 2.0.10

389 Directory Server 2.0.10

The 389 Directory Server team is proud to announce 389-ds-base version 2.0.10

Fedora packages are available on Fedora 34 and Rawhide

Rawhide: - Koji

Fedora 35: - Koji - Bodhi

Fedora 34: - Koji - Bodhi

The new packages and versions are:

  • 389-ds-base-2.0.10-1

Source tarballs are available for download at Download 389-ds-base Source

Highlights in 2.0.10

  • Bug fixes

  • Cockpit UI fully migrated to Patternfly 4

Installation and Upgrade

See Download for information about setting up your yum repositories.

To install the server use dnf install 389-ds-base

To install the Cockpit UI plugin use dnf install cockpit-389-ds

After rpm install completes, run dscreate interactive

For upgrades, simply install the package. There are no further steps required.

There are no upgrade steps besides installing the new rpms

See Install_Guide for more information about the initial installation and setup

See Source for information about source tarballs and SCM (git) access.


We are very interested in your feedback!

Please provide feedback and comments to the 389-users mailing list:

If you find a bug, or would like to see a new feature, file it in our GitHub project:

  • Bump version to 2.0.10

  • Issue 4908 - Updated several dsconf –help entries (typos, wrong descriptions, etc.)

  • Issue 4912 - Account Policy plugin does not set the config entry DN

  • Issue 4863 - typos in

  • Issue 4796 - Add support for nsslapd-state to CLI & UI

  • Issue 4894 - IPA failure in ipa user-del –preserve (#4907)

  • Issue 4912 - dsidm command crashing when account policy plugin is enabled

  • Issue 4910 - db reindex corrupts RUV tombstone nsuiqueid index

  • Issue 4869 - Fix retro cl trimming misuse of monotonic/realtime clocks

  • Issue 4887 - UI - fix minor regression from camelCase fixup

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