Wednesday, September 22, 2021

[389-users] Re: attribute passwordMinLength cfg issues/error

Oh Thank you Mark  ! that solved my error with the passwd syntax  attribute cfg.


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Subject: Re: [389-users] attribute passwordMinLength cfg issues/error


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On 9/22/21 1:52 PM, Ghiurea, Isabella wrote:

As part of user global policy we need to  configure  user password min length , see my  cfg in dse.ldif , when trying to update  a user password to a   password with length > 0 seeing the following error:.

I think you meant "length > 8".  Looks like when you turn on syntax checking it defaults passwordMinCategories to "3" even though its not listed inthe config.  Set it to this:

passwordMinCategories: 1



Result: Constraint violation (19)

Additional info: Failed to update password


Is there a plugin  I need to install or what I am missing from this cfg ?

Here is my only changes I have in dse.ldif :

nsslapd-pwpolicy-inherit-global: on

nsslapd-pwpolicy-local: off

passwordTrackUpdateTime: on

passwordCheckSyntax: on

passwordMinLength: 8




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