Tuesday, September 21, 2021

[389-users] Re: can't get admin console to connect

Hi Chase,

On 9/21/21 3:59 PM, Chase Miller wrote:
I have done many of 389 ldap server setups.

Have a new install, and I can't get for the life of me able to get the admin console to connect to the server.

Message i get is

[Tue Sep 21 14:55:44.279828 2021] [:notice] [pid 1337:tid 140593598555904] [client xx.xx.xx.xxx:61796] admserv_check_authz(): passing [/admin-serv/authenticate] to the userauth handler

This looks normal and is not an error.  Anything else in the Admin Server error log?

And what exactly is failing and what is the error message being reported the console?  You can also run the console is debug mode using "-d 9", or is it "-D 9"?  Not sure, it's one of those :-)

It's also possible it's not contacting the Directory Server to do the authentication.  You can check the Directory Server access log to see if the admin server is even reaching the DS, and if it is, you should see why the authentication is failing.  And what "account" are you trying to log in as?

Or maybe you need to run register-ds-admin.pl to reset the Admin Server config?

What version of 389-ds-base and 389-admin is installed?

Definitely need more information to try and help you out on this one...


Yes, I have read the documentation; i have modified the 

any suggestions?

replace: nsAdminAccessAddresses  nsAdminAccessAddresses: 192.168.1.*  -  replace: nsAdminAccessHosts  nsAdminAccessHosts: *

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