Sunday, September 19, 2021

[fedora-arm] Re: Wiki claims RPi 4 is not supported

Am 18.09.2021 um 21:58 schrieb Barry Scott <>:

On this page it states that the RPi4 is not supported.

There a lots of messages in this mailing archieve showing that people are
getting Fedora to work on RPi4.

It is pretty well supported. With a firmware newer as about November 2020 you even can easily boot (and completely operate) from USB stick and discard the rather slow cf card. The performance gain is really significant, even with the slightly slower but handsomely unobtrusive small Sandisk Ultra Fit.

Is there still a reason to claim its not supported?

It's simply a matter of documentation resources. Effectively, RPi4 is the best supported SBC in Fedora, I guess. Right now I'm working on finishing a Fedora Magazine post and an extension to the Fedora Server documentation. If then still no update of the RPi4 article has been done, I would offer on the list to update it. 

If so what should I be watching out for/avoiding with the RPi4?

The Fedora Server version works perfectly well (see "Installing Fedora Server on Single Board Computers - Raspberry Pi & Co." / Server works without graphical terminal and without WiFi. 

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