Friday, September 24, 2021

[fedora-arm] Re: Wiki claims RPi 4 is not supported

>> I just restarted my fedora-arm system on raspberry pi 4 after days of using another system and found that the sound does in fact work (I shut off all devices but my bluetooth speaker in the pavucontrol configuration window -- misconfiguration in pavucontrol likely was the reason I could not get audio to work before).
>> So I would say that the mainline fedora-ARM aarch64 kernel is functioning pretty well on my system: video works well as does audio, all usb ports work (usb 2 and 3) and I am able to start up on an SSD with no problem. Wifi and bluetooth have been functional out of the box.

Well bluetooth is an interesting choice as it definitely has issues
because there's not an upstream firmware so it sort of works but has a
lot of issues. If it works for you great

>> The system does take about two minute to boot up. I am using openbox with full xorg capability.

Well I'm not sure what you mean by "full xorg capability" in this
context as it will be non accelerated which is probably OK for
something as basic as openbox but for the desktops that the other
99.9% use such as GNOME/KDE/XFCE it's really not a great experience.

>> It seems that there is a good case for stating that raspberry pi 4B is supported by the fedora-ARM 64 bit kernel (aarch64) on the Fedora-ARM wiki. Now perhaps things don't work as well on a Fedora Workstation which is very bloated -- I don't know but I do know that on a less demanding system (like openbox), everything seems to be running well.

I completely disagree, you don't provide a strong case at all, it's
not even on a mainstream desktop environment, it's one that's probably
0.1% of the Fedora RPi user community.

For starters there's no accelerated graphics upstream, as stated a
number of times before. The person who was working on that stopped
because the device would lock up randomly due to power state
transitions and the details of that isn't public so needs someone from
the RPi foundation to provide the right information. I think that
request is outstanding 6+ months now.

We have a regression upstream with booting systems headless[1]
probably one of the biggest RPi usecases in Fedora.

And we've even has issues with booting them in the lead up to F-35
Beta and while we now have a work around the RPi foundation team can't
even agree whether their firmware works or regresses [2].

And that just 3 examples of why I, as the maintainer of the Raspberry
Pi in Fedora, don't think it's not in a state where we can state
support for the Raspberry Pi 4 in Fedora. Frankly with some of the
recent regressions and the lack of interest from RPi to actually
support general purpose distributions I am strongly reconsidering the
support status of all generations of the Raspberry Pi.

I've been the maintainer of the RPi since we started supporting it in
Fedora 25, and was involved in the entire process right from the
outset and having hate actual hate mail and actual physical threats
over this device I am well aware of what state we need the device to
be in before I make that change in the wiki or anywhere else.

If you wish to take over the maintainer-ship I will gladly step aside!


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