Friday, September 3, 2021

Re: Package Maintainer Docs moved from wiki to docs.fp.o

hrusjos kirjoitti 3.9.2021 klo 21.14:
> hrusjos píše v Pá 03. 09. 2021 v 18:45 +0200:
>> hrusjos píše v Pá 03. 09. 2021 v 18:30 +0200:
>>> Otto Urpelainen píše v St 01. 09. 2021 v 00:05 +0300:
>>>> My first question is, does starting a new docs.fp.o site
>>>> require some
>>>> manual actions to enable localization? Currently, I
>>>> cannot
>>>> find anything
>>>> about the new Docs site at Fedora Weblate.
>>> My view of people in FLP is that we are not a very
>>> IT/technical skillful group. When I have been in a need
>>> for
>>> solving technical matters around translation of docs or
>>> websites recently, I think the most helpful with the
>>> weblate
>>> configuration side would be Jean-Baptiste Holcroft
>>> (, maybe also
>>> Francois Andreu
>>> ( with more
>>> general infrastructure things (repositories, scripts
>>> etc.).
>>> My (perhaps not very clean) understanding is that websites
>>> have a repository of relevant pot and po files
>>> (, such
>> Sorry again, these types of translation git repositories are
>> more relevant for your case:
>>> repository
>>> is used by Weblate somewhat automatically to pull and push
>>> files from/to translation. Weblate's documentation could
>>> be
>>> clearer -
>>> I'm sorry for this not very convincing advice.
> And it reminds me that probably the best for now would be to
> file an issue in
> I apologise for sending a reply by reply once more.

Thank you Josef, the pointers you give are very useful, both for
eventually getting package-maintainer-docs translated, and understanding
the Fedora localization setup in general.

I see you already tagged the relevant people to the
package-maintainer-docs issue about this. Let us see if there is a
response. I will also create an issue to fedora-l10n/tickets.

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