Monday, October 18, 2021

[389-users] changelog program - _cl5AddThread - Invalid changelog state - 2


Today I tried 389-base for a fix of retro cl trimming [1]

Unfortunately the ns-slapd got into some sort of deadlock, I think. Anyway, I reverted 389-base back to

But now I have a replication problem. Could this have been caused by the update to ? And, if yes, how can I fix this?

[18/Oct/2021:12:17:41.750334062 +0200] - ERR - NSMMReplicationPlugin - changelog program - _cl5AddThread - Invalid changelog state - 2
[18/Oct/2021:12:17:41.782505596 +0200] - ERR - NSMMReplicationPlugin - send_updates - agmt="" (rotte:389): Changelog database was in an incorrect state
[18/Oct/2021:12:17:41.827732779 +0200] - ERR - NSMMReplicationPlugin - repl5_inc_run - agmt="" (rotte:389): Incremental update failed and requires administrator action


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