Sunday, October 31, 2021

[fedora-websites] Issue #961: Minor content issues with

jzerman added a new comment to an issue you are following:
In reviewing these issues to fix it seems these issues have been fixed and this pull request can likely be closed. For issue #1 under the WHAT WILL WE DO AT FLOCK, no extra 'm' is present at the end of the 'Communicate the Fedora Strategy' Bullet (line 82). (See screenshot below)

For issue #2 , Under Download, 'Get Fedora Atomic' should be updated to 'Get Fedora Silverblue', Get Fedora Silverblue is present now. (see screenshot below)

For issue #3, Under Support, The link for 'Installation Guide' should be updated for Fedora 30. The link goes to Fedora 31. (see screenshot below)

If this takes care of the issues the issue can be closed.


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