Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Action required: Account system IRC pointer reset

Greetings everyone.

As you know, we migrated a while back from freenode.net to libera.chat for our IRC networks,
and we also migrated to a new account system. After these moves, we would like to clear any
IRC information that could be no longer correct and allow users to update their accounts
with the correct information.

The old Fedora account system had a 'irc nick' field. The new Fedora account system has
a 'Chat nicknames' section. In that section you can put IRC nick(s) or Matrix Ids.
If you do not qualify them, they are assumed to be for the libera.chat (IRC) and fedora.im (matrix) networks.

Groups in both the old and new account system have a details section often containing links to mailing list and irc channel.

On 2021-11-10 we are going to remove from the account system all users 'Chat nicknames' values
and adjust all groups irc channel links from freenode.net to libera.chat. Users are encouraged
to login after this time and enter their current and correct Chat nicknames.

Sorry for the trouble, we want to make sure our infomation is current and accurate.


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