Friday, November 5, 2021

[fedora-arm] How flash a Radxa Rock Pi 4 SPI with Fedora U-Boot?

I have successfully installed Fedora 35 Server Edition on my Rock Pi 4a and everything is running fine so far. In particular, with the current kernel, the PCIe NVMe disk is usable. What a performance difference.

Now I want to boot from the NVMe Disk and therefore have to flash u-boot onto the SPI (which was already soldered on my board by the maker).

I found instructions for the Pinebook Pro and Fedora [1], but accessing the SPI obviously works differently on the Rock Pi. So I get no access to sf and in the Rock-pi directory there is no file itbloader.spi as is in PineBookPro.

According to Radxa documentation [2] I need the tool rkdeveloptool, for which there is a Fedora RPM. With this I could put the Rock Pi in maskrom mode and access the SPI.

Unfortunately, I could not find any information on how to install rsp. flash Fedora u-boot with this tool. From what I've read, the order might be:

rkdeveloptool db /path/to/rk3399_loader_spinor_v1.15.114.bin
rkdeveloptool wl <BeginSec> /path/to/
rkdeveloptool wl <BeginSec> /path/to/u-boot.itb
rkdeveloptool rd

According to Rockchip Wiki [3], the image location for idbloader ist 0x40 sectors and u-boot.itb 0x4000 sectors. But obviously there are different ways to generate those files with probably different offsets, e.g. how it works vor Pine64 RockPro64 [4]. That one is also supposed to be mainline u-boot (unlike the one provided by Radxa). It provides a file combining idbloader and u-boot and starting with offset 0, quite comfortable. Does it resemble Fedora u-boot (or vice versa)? Does it work on Radxa Rock Pi and Fedora?

And what about the file u-boot-rockchip.bin in Fedora?

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Any help greatly appreciated


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