Wednesday, November 24, 2021

[fedora-arm] Re: Booting arm installation iso

> Am 24.11.2021 um 15:41 schrieb Peter Robinson <>:
>> Agreed! I also prefer a Fedora solution. Especially since we, as a server WG, are considering creating a list of reference boards that we care about in particular. And due to its characteristics, the Rock Pi would be a suitable candidate for such a list.
> Well the Server WG considering a list of Arm reference boards is news
> to me, please ensure you engage with the arm team about this, I don't
> want to end up in a situation where you decide on a device we can't
> work with you on supporting. I tend to find actually giving other
> groups heads up rather than finding out in side comments on other
> threads useful for the general community engagement.

We are at the beginning of a discussion. Some find this effort good and helpful, others more or less inappropriate and useless for Fedora Server (due to the "messy" hardware situation, proprietary infected kernel, generel DIY quality, etc). There is no final decision yet, we are currently collecting possible convincing use cases. Of course, if we actually would start, we will coordinate that with the ARM group. It might also make more sense to establish such a list for all Fedora editions and spins in the Agide of the Arm group (with contributions from the editions involved, of course). IoT already has its own list of reference systems. There would certainly be overlaps and duplications with server.

>> What I did:
>> I studied your and noted that Fedora provides 2 variants of itbloader for that board (*.img & *.spi). The same is true for some other Rockchip 3399 boards, but for Radxa Rock pi 4 there is only the one img variant. This left me a bit in doubt whether Fedora currently supports spi on Rock Pi. Before its hardware version 1.4, the Rock Pi did not have SPI soldered on. So there was nothing to test until now. And the described procedure is specific to pine and I couldn't find a way to get this to work on Rock Pi.
> Well the .img file is explicitly intended for emmc/mSD so I would
> entirely expect your results.
> I haven't built SPI specific images because it wasn't clear to me from
> their docs if SPI flash is shipped as their docs don't mention it on
> any of the 3 variants of the Rock Pi 4:
> ...
> So is the SPI flash default, a build to order option or something
> you've added yourself?

Since hardware revision 1.4 the SPI chip is soldered on by default.

The information is unfortunately buried deep in information about hardware revisions: Unfortunately most of the other Radxa pages still show revision 1.3

So I suppose it will need some time to get spi support for Rock Pi?

Can I do something to help (unfortunately except C coding and compiling)? Do you rsp. the developer group have access to the hardware for testing?


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