Tuesday, November 30, 2021

[fedora-arm] Re: Fedora support for NanoPi-R1?

On Tue, November 30, 2021 8:53 am, Peter Robinson wrote:

>> I've been using Wandboards, which I've liked, but I discovered that what
>> I
>> was using just wasn't powerful enough to do what I wanted to do.. So I
>> was looking for replacements for my wandboards. I have a handful of
>> these
>> R1 devices from work, so I've been able to play with them and verify
>> that,
>> yes, it can do what I want and perform much better than the wandboard
>> quad
>> did.
> The R1 is based on a Allwinner H3, it's a quad core Cortex-A7, it's
> not really any more powerful than the quad core Wandboard TBH.

Perhaps, but it IS faster/more powerful. Not that you can trust the
"bogomips" results, but the R1 definitely reports a "higher" number ;)
Specifically, the WB reports 6, and the R1 reports 64.
And I was able to get more audio streams through the R1 than the Wandboard
running shairport-sync.

On the other hand, I do need to go verify that I *WAS* running a quad
wandboard for that server; I honestly don't recall now (and the device is
now offline) so I can't quickly check.

>> Let me turn this around; what board (with case) would *YOU* recommend
>> for
>> some small, low-power arm-based server platforms?
> I always reply to that with the question what are you doing with them?
> What are your feature requirements? Eth? Dual eth? WiFi, etc.....

I've got three ARM systems deployed right now:
1) DHCP/DNS/Unifi Controller
2) Asterisk
3) My shairport-sync server (~16 streams)

Right now I've got #3 on an R1 with Armbian Buster -- the only
non-RPM-based distro I'm running!

#2 is fine as a wandboard quad. I'm not having issues there.

#1 is running on a Wandboard Quad, which has 2GB RAM. Currently it is

[~]# free
total used free shared buff/cache
Mem: 2061172 871612 140692 804 1048868
Swap: 982420 11008 971412

Granted, it works here, but I'd like to "update" from the old version of
Fedora running there onto a newer version, but the main issue is the unifi
controller. The issue was with mongodb-server, where I had to rebuild it
myself to get it to work on the platform. If I'm going to upgrade to F35
on the WB I might need to do that again (unless it will continue to
support mongodb 4.0.3).

Unfortunately there is still not an armhfp build of mongo -- although
there is one for aarch64, so if I stay with that (instead of aarch64) I'll
still have to rebuild mongo again -- so I guess to replace this system I'd
want an aarch64 board with sufficient RAM to run mongo and unifi. I don't
mind using an SD for storage (certainly for mongo). The system currently
uses 6G of storage, which would fill most of the 8G eMMC devices. But I
am concerned about the 1G.


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