Wednesday, November 3, 2021

[fedora-websites] Issue #1123: Change default branch to main

jflory7 reported a new issue against the project: `fedora-websites` that you are following:
# Summary

Change default Pagure git branch from `master` to `main` and recreate `master` as a branch alias

# Background

Fedora Linux 34 [switched default git branches to `main`]( as a Self-Contained Change. Many repositories use `main` as the default branch. In addition to being courteous, kind, and respectful, there are a few places that mention this branch to use `main` already, so we should take some form of action with the [Pagure git branch aliases](

# Details

1. Create a new main branch checked out from master
1. Change Pagure default branch to main
1. Delete master branch
1. Recreate master branch as a Pagure branch alias to main

The only risk to this change is what the impact will be to all opened Pull Requests. In ``, we were thinking to work through the backlog of Pull Requests first in order to make this change safely.

# Outcome

* Syncs up with other distro-wide efforts to change default branches
* Use git branch aliases to allow both `master` and `main` to serve the same content

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