Wednesday, November 3, 2021

[fedora-websites] Issue #889: license for downloads from is underspecified

jflory7 added a new comment to an issue you are following:
It appears something along those lines was added to the `` page, but there is no link or context to licensing. Or at least that I saw:

[![Screenshot of a reuse notice added to the bottom of](/fedora-websites/issue/raw/files/f5b3f39f1d8ab55f85e30448975520ea895f0c3e86b80f79cbbaf2c19212f0e1-Screenshot_2021-11-03_at_18-28-33_Get_Fedora.png)](/fedora-websites/issue/raw/files/f5b3f39f1d8ab55f85e30448975520ea895f0c3e86b80f79cbbaf2c19212f0e1-Screenshot_2021-11-03_at_18-28-33_Get_Fedora.png "Screenshot of a reuse notice added to the bottom of")

That said, I opened fedora-web/websites#215 to follow up on this. Closing this issue as `moved`.

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