Sunday, November 14, 2021

Re: translatable versions in Weblate

Le 14/11/2021 à 15:15, Luna Jernberg a écrit :
> and i guess, the website still has documentation for the older
> unsupported versions still? but maybe someone else have a better answer


the motivation is easy: keep things simple.
So, your answer is fine, if it is published, then it can be translated.
I designed this to forward the freedom of selecting what is to translate
to each contributor.

Adding a selection of version would add manual steps and open the path
to have someone in control of what the community can translate or not.
As language enthusiasts, we already have many people to convince to be
able to translate websites, documentation and believe it or not... even
the software!

Just don't bother translating old content if you don't feel like it.
And if you want to translate old stuff, just do it, don't ask anyone's
permission ;)

Have a nice day,
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