Monday, November 29, 2021

[Test-Announce] Help test (and contribute to) new experimental Common Issues section on Ask Fedora

Short background: a little while ago, I proposed that we move CommonBugs
from the wiki to a special section of Ask Fedora. Details here:

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I hacked up some starting ideas, and am now
ready for other people to help. I'm looking for

a) People who are interested in helping figure out how this new system
should work, and possibly helping document and code.

b) People who are interested in helping maintain the posts as part of the
Common Issues Triage Team, which I imagine existing as a sub-group of
Fedora QA. I'd like to _lighten_ the work for the QA team members who
are currently maintaining the wiki.

c) Those current folks for input and hopefully also a & b going forward.

d) Someone to help me put my prototype bot script into production.

e) People who are entirely skeptical of this whole idea, because I'd like to
(at best) try and convince you or (failing that) at least include your

If you fit any of these categories, please join me at


Matthew Miller
Fedora Project Leader
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