Wednesday, December 1, 2021

[389-users] el8 389ds replication to el7 389ds

Hello all,

I have a main ldap database on an alma el8 server, this works okay and
we can replicate from 8 to 8 via the cockpit web manager.

We however, have a server that is on el7, we can install 389ds however
the commands and setup is different and it uses the 389 ds console, our
end goal is to replicate the stuff from the EL8 database to the el7
using master / slave.

is there any way to get the el8 version onto el7, and if not, how do i
go about replicating everything? I have set up so that tls is enabled
and can ping, telnet etc to the el7 server from the el8 however when i
try to replicate after entering in the details, i get errors such as:

authentication mechanism [SIMPLE]: error -1 (Can't contact LDAP server),
system error -5987 (Invalid function argument.), network error 0
(Unknown error, host "linux-el8:636") (same when trying to replicate
over non tls, port 389)

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