Thursday, December 9, 2021

[389-users] Re: Help - Missing nsAccount objectClass for WinSync users from AD

Unfortunately one thing is still missing in Winsync configuration.
Changing the Windows Subtree config, i've noticed that it replicates full DN and if missing in the destination(ex: contained OU in AD), D389 it fails.

Just to explain me well.
The source AD subtree has become:
The Destination D389 subtree is:
ou=Internal Users,ou=people,dc=lab,dc=com

Syncing, for example a user like "CN=Test User28,CN=Users,DC=lab,DC=local" from AD to D389, Winsync tries to find destination like "CN=Test User28,cn=users,ou=internal users,ou=people,dc=lab,dc=com" and it fails because in D389 cn=users does not exist.

Error example:
[09/Dec/2021:16:54:24.989240510 +0100] - ERR - NSMMReplicationPlugin - windows sync - windows_update_local_entry - Failed to rename entry ("uid=test.user28,ou=Internal Users,ou=people,dc=lab,dc=com"); LDAP error - 32 (newrdn: "uid=test.user28", newsuperior: "cn=users,ou=internal users,ou=people,dc=lab,dc=com"
[09/Dec/2021:16:54:25.006162407 +0100] - DEBUG - NSMMReplicationPlugin - windows sync - windows_process_dirsync_entry - agmt="cn=AD2D389" (labdc1:636) - Failed to update inbound entry for CN=Test User 28,CN=D389Sync,DC=lab,DC=local.

Is there any way to replicate only the relative parts without searching for a full DN?
Can Winsync create/replicate missing Ous or containers?

What am i missing?

Many Thanks
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