Sunday, January 9, 2022

[fedora-arm] Grub slow at loading kernel and initrd


I have been using fedora on my Odroid XU4 for some time (well over a
year) and its generally been working well. I had been updating the
install to the latest Fedora release as they came out. Recently though I
decided to start with a fresh image of Fedora 35 and I noticed that it
was very slow for grub to load the kernel and initrd (I haven't timed it
but well over a minute). To check that it definitely was kernel and
initrd loading I edited the menu item and inserted echo commands around
the linux and initrd lines.

Previously with the old Fedora install using the extlinux.conf boot
configuration there was no such delay and the system could be fully
booted in less time than it takes grub to load the kernel and initrd on
the new install.

Also with the new install I have tried manually starting the kernel and
initrd from uboot, both the old bootz and the EFI bootefi commands, and
neither of these have the delay I notice with grub.

When I have searched online for a solution, I have found some reports of
grub being slow to load the kernel, but no real answers as how to fix it.

So my questions are:

1. Does anyone know how to solve this? Hints on how to debug grub and
what is going on would also be welcome.

2. As I can still get a installation using the extlinux.conf
configuration instead of grub (either by installing an old version and
upgrading or by booting the Everything installer in non-EFI mode), is
this likely to be supported for much longer and is this really a
sensible route to take?

Thanks for any help which can be given on this one.

Michael Whapples
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