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[fedora-arm] Re: Moving headless install from 2GB rpi4 to 4GB rpi4

On Thu, Jan 13, 2022 at 11:12 AM David W. Legg <> wrote:
So, here is my (temporary) solution, as reported in Bugzilla bug

So my 4GB rpi4 refused to boot with the symptoms described about, i.e. mmc0 errors.

I also found that Fedora-Minimal-34-1.2.aarch64.raw.xz and Fedora-Minimal-35-1.2.aarch64.raw.xz also failed to boot.
So, I downloaded the latest PIOS image, cut an SD card, and (hey presto) it booted (so no problems with my pi, psu or other hardware).

However, there is a hint in the Fedora aarch64 wiki that one needs to remove /boot/dtb to get Fedora to boot (and also in the Bugzilla bug itself)).
The only problem was that my Fedoras 34 and 35 both fell over without ever creating /boot :(
So, here is what I did from my root history on my x86_64 Fedora desktop box:-

The 'dtb' symlink is located on the second partition of the image.

  1002  # Put an SD card in USB card writer/reader.
  1003  arm-image-installer --image=Fedora-Minimal-35-1.2.aarch64.raw.xz --target=rpi4 --media=/dev/sdX # Your X will vary. Use journalctl -f

  1005  mkdir /mnt/usb
  1006  mount /dev/sdX2 /mnt/usb/

  1007  # You have remove the dtb soft link and the directory it point to:-
  1008  rm /mnt/usb/dtb
  1009  rm /mnt/usb/dtb-5.14.10-300.fc35.aarch64/
  1010  rm -rf /mnt/usb/dtb-5.14.10-300.fc35.aarch64/
You do not need to delete the kernel dtb directory (dtb-5.14.10-300.fc35.aarch64), just the 'dtb' symlink.

  1012  umount /mnt/usb
  1017  gparted /dev/sdX&   # Usegparted to enlarge /dev/sdf3 partition so that the whole image is < 10MB.
  1018  parted /dev/sdX

  1019  # Take a copy of the SD Card image and check that all partitions are actually there:-
  1020  dd if=/dev/sdX of=Fedora-Minimal-35-1.2.aarch64-rm_dtb-size-10000MB.img status=progress bs=1M count=10000
  1023  fdisk -l Fedora-Minimal-35-1.2.aarch64-rm_dtb-size-10000MB.img
  1024  # Put card into rpi4 and boot.

This works for F34 and F35 on my 4GB rpi4. I never had to do all this previously, but maybe these instructions will help some-one :)

There seems to be some difference in Pi's, we tested the Fedora 34 and 35 images on various
Raspberry Pi 4's - 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. The only board which required the firmware provided dtb
was the Raspberry Pi 400.  From the bug, someone else hit it with the Raspberry Pi 4 8GB, but I
was unable to reproduce. We compared the eeprom bootloader versions, and both were running
the same version (c2f8c388 - Apr 29 2021).

Have you tried a different mSD card?


Meanwhile, the Fedora wiki needs to be updated, and/or the Fedora .xz file images need to be fixed by some-one with the superpowers.

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