Sunday, February 13, 2022

[fedora-arm] Re: Fedora on Pinephone Pro & path to upstreaming

On 2/13/22 03:04, Peter Robinson wrote:
On Sun, Feb 13, 2022 at 1:38 AM Be <> wrote:  
  On 2/12/22 19:04, Peter Robinson wrote:  
Simply pressing the volume up button on boot will expose the eMMC drive as a USB mass storage device, refer to  for details about the UX design.  
Unless you mean something else by "USB recovery".  
Yes, I do, the rockchip recovery doesn't expose mass storage, that  must be a tow-boot thing, hence why I discounted that. The rockchip  recovery isn't dependent on software.  
What is "Rockchip recovery"? Do you mean this: ? I think that's some sort of  "Android recovery" thing? How is that relevant to Fedora? Why would you  want some Androidism rather than Tow Boot's USB mass storage mode?  
It runs from MASKROM so it's low level recovery, it's a means of  recovering the firmware to recover bricked devices, the OS is  irrelevant.  
Reading about Rockchip recovery for other devices, it seems that  presents the device as a nonstandard USB device that requires a  vendor-specific driver and userspace tooling. I don't understand what  advantage this has over Tow Boot where you can just press Power + Volume  Up to expose the eMMC as a USB mass storage device then use good old  fashion dd.  
  You're completely missing the point, it's for base level recovery for  even if the firmware is hosed. It's designed for recovery even if the  firmware breaks, so it could be used to recover tow-boot too.  

Considering I've never heard anyone, including the people working on Tow Boot, mention this with regard to the Pinephone Pro, I don't see how this is relevant. In the worst case you can press the RE button to disable the eMMC and it will boot from an SD card, which you can use to run the Tow Boot installer to flash it to the SPI flash.

Anyway, back to stuff that does matter for Fedora, can ImageBuilder currently produce raw UEFI bootable images or not? If it can, why doesn't that show up as an option when I run `composer-cli compose types`? Is there another package I need to install?

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