Saturday, February 12, 2022

[fedora-arm] Re: Fedora on Pinephone Pro & path to upstreaming

> >>> Simply pressing the volume up button on boot will expose the eMMC drive as a USB mass storage device, refer to for details about the UX design.
> >> Unless you mean something else by "USB recovery".
> > Yes, I do, the rockchip recovery doesn't expose mass storage, that
> > must be a tow-boot thing, hence why I discounted that. The rockchip
> > recovery isn't dependent on software.
> What is "Rockchip recovery"? Do you mean this:
> ? I think that's some sort of
> "Android recovery" thing? How is that relevant to Fedora? Why would you
> want some Androidism rather than Tow Boot's USB mass storage mode?

It runs from MASKROM so it's low level recovery, it's a means of
recovering the firmware to recover bricked devices, the OS is

> >> What will be the UI for that? It will need an on screen keyboard to be
> >> usable for mobile devices. Maybe an OSK for Plymouth could be reused?
> > Out of scope for the work we're doing for IoT/Edge, the OSK is
> > specific for Mobility so it's something the mobility project will need
> > to deal with as IoT doesn't have that requirement so it's not
> > something we've got the resources to deal with.
> So I guess this is a CLI tool that reads the password from stdin? If so
> it should be easy enough for an OSK to output to it.
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