Saturday, February 12, 2022

[fedora-arm] Re: Raspberry Pi hardware accelerated media support

Hi Neal,

> I was just looking up Fedora's hardware support for the Raspberry Pi
> platform vs the Raspberry Pi OS, and I noticed in the FAQ that we
> indicate that the camera and accelerated media stuff doesn't work in
> Fedora[1].

We have basic support for the old camera interface that is driven by
the firmware. The problem with that one is that it's not particularly
effective for many use cases.

When you refer to "accelerated media stuff" I'm going to assume you
mean video decode offload and not accelerated 3D rendering. They're
two completely different topics.

> I know that previously this depended on weird blobs and a fork of the
> OpenMAX libraries, but it seems today that Raspberry Pi OS' kernel
> uses v4l2 for this and has some staging drivers that seem suitable for
> upstream[2]. Taking a look at the latest in Linus' tree yields that
> most of it isn't staged there yet[3], and searching linux-arm-kernel@
> doesn't *seem* to yield any recent patch submission for them[4].

The staging drivers you reference are basically "support services" and
don't actually do anything to do with the video decode. There's been
absolutely zero work done that I am aware of to get any of the
accelerated video decoding upstream although there has been a bunch of
work down stream.

The camera on the other hand has had a recent spurt of work [2] to get
the new non firmware driver upstream which has the ability to drive
both the older gen v2 camera as well as the new higher res one so that
may actually make it sooner rather than later although it does depend
on two other v4l series of patches so soon is a relative term here.

> All of this to ask: does anyone know what the plan around this stuff
> is and when we might see this in Fedora Linux? Am I missing something
> in particular that would make this clearer, like a tracker of some
> kind or something?

The plan is we'll support it when it goes upstream, the tracker is
basically the upstream kernel.. Personally as I do all the Raspberry
Pi work in Fedora I see trackers for all this pointless as they just
end up being dumping grounds for people to say "me too" or "I really
want this" which basically I already know and provides no value as
most of this is out of our control as you need access to HW specs and
the ability to write low level drivers as well as the time to do so
which we basically don't have.

> Thanks in advance and best regards!
> [1]:
> [2]:
> [3]:
> [4]:

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