Thursday, March 24, 2022

[389-users] Re: Running 389ds server in Kubernetes: Questions on certificate names and bootstrapping

Hi William,

On 23.03.22 at 22:48 William Brown wrote:
> Cool, so it sounds like you have it all working then?

Yes, it seems like it. I.e. it is not erroring out and not crashlooping, I can
get a working TLS connection.

I'll submit an SR for the docker file to include the tar executable, as this is
needed within Kubernetes to have "kubectl cp" working (copying files to and from
the container inside the pod, e.g. copying LDIF files or similar).

The next thing I wanna tackle is running without root permissions.

And then I need to figure out how to actually get data into that server. I'll
open up another thread for that.

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