Tuesday, March 15, 2022

[fedora-arm] Re: Fedora Server 36 VGA output on a Raspberry Pi 3b

On 3/15/22 3:04 PM, Peter Robinson wrote:
>> Was hoping to add a bit of test coverage, and ran into a strange issue.
>> The beta Server compose[0] boots, but there is no VGA output after the
>> initial rainbow, u-boot, GRUB, and "Booting..." text (using an HDMI->VGA
>> adapter) on a Raspberry Pi 3b. Cockpit works so boot clearly succeeded.
>> Fedora Minimal for the same compose[1] works as expected with text based
>> initial setup appearing over VGA.
>> Is this a known issue or intended behavior? I couldn't find anything in
>> Bugzilla.
> The HDMI to VGA adapters have always been as ropey as hell on the RPi,
> in fact they were never particularly great even on the OLPCs back in
> the day either.
> They're also very variable from device to device so it's very much a
> case of it may or may not work but we don't really get a lot of
> reports either way these days TBH.
> P

I figured that was probably the case. The only thing of note I see in
the logs is:

Feb 16 00:01:21 fedora kernel: of_clk_hw_onecell_get: invalid index 15
Feb 16 00:01:21 fedora kernel: [drm:vc4_vec_bind [vc4]] *ERROR* Failed
to get clock: -2
Feb 16 00:01:21 fedora kernel: vc4-drm soc:gpu: failed to bind
3f806000.vec (ops vc4_vec_ops [vc4]): -2

Interesting that I don't see the issue on minimal.
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