Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Re: Add 1.2.x branch to authselect weblate

On 5/3/22 23:23, darknao wrote:
> On 2022-05-03 11:48, Pavel Březina wrote:
>> Thank you,
>> I managed to add new branch using "Additional branch" instead, however
>> it only offered *-application and not the other components (the same
>> happens for "From existing component").
>> There are also *-adoc that are linked to master-application, how can I
>> add these?
> There is an add-on called "Component discovery" (Manage > Add-ons) that
> you can enable in your 1.2.x-application component.
> You can use the same settings as the other one, but you may need to
> adapt the generated component name to something like "1.2.x-{{ component
> }}"

Thank you, this did the trick. The newly created component did not
inherit the addons so I had to set it manually.

Last question, is it possible to add target branch to the GitHub pull
request title so I can differentiate between them more easily?

Translations update from Fedora Weblate
Translations update from Fedora Weblate (1.2.x)

I was able to only find how to change commit messages.

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